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Welcome to Bubble's Forum

hi everyone :grinning:

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Hi everyone! I am very new to Bubble and this community. I am looking forward to your support!

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Hello everyone! Iā€™m very excited to be part of this amazing community of makers.

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Hello Everyone :smiley_cat: im super glad to be part of this great community

Im fresh newbie in bubble! Greetings from Venezuela


Hey Bubble.oi world! Newbie, and excited! (Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa)

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Hey guys,
i am a bubble lover.
I need to learn bubble fast and possible because I see the future in bubble.
please I need assistance on the journey of discovery.

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Hello fellow Bubblers:

Iā€™m new with no-code/low-code technology let alone with Bubble.

Iā€™m using the default Bubble signin/signup form to sign up and sign in multiple account types such as retail customer and corporate customer. In the form, I added Radio Buttons with two choices: 1) Retail Customer and 2) Corporate Customer. However, there is no workflow available for selecting the choice. How do you create a signup form to pop up another form to fill in more information for Corporate Customer when selected, but still capture the information from the previous form like Email and Mobile Number? For Retail Customer, I would capture first and last name, email, mobile number, and the Retail Customer status in the default form.

In addition, when the applicant types in the email and mobile number, I want to use the two-factor authentication to verify if the information typed are valid and what they claimed them to be as contact information for them.

Any working solution with instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


today is my first day with Bubble and I am a complete rookie, when it comes to it :wink:
My name is Sven, based out of Hamburg, Germany.
I am looking forward to participate in this forum - starting most likely of with a bunch of stupid questions and hopefully will be able to also later to deliver not so stupid comments and much later even help out in one or the other case :wink:
My plans are to develop an application for internal use for a company I am about to start , therefore I have subscribed for a personal plan on a monthly basis - not knowing what lies ahead and if bubble is what I need, but I am optimistic.

Looking forward to be and participate here and to learn from this great community.

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Hello Everyone!

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