Well done Bubble!

@emmanuel @josh I first started using Bubble 2 years ago. The rapid prototyping and MVP functionality was awesome, but the responsive engine really let the side down. It was super hard to make anything look really good, let alone responsively.

Having picked up Bubble again for a new project, I’m really impressed with how things have developed, particularly the CSS grid style layout options and responsive engine. Definitely a game changer and much quicker and more robust to build with! :heart_eyes:

For me, the key remaining blocker for Bubble being used more widely is it’s poor SEO performance, I’m guessing due to the way JS renders + page load time(?). If anyone has any experience with using Bubble with something like https://prerender.io/ then keen to hear more :grinning: . And if this sort of thing does work, maybe Bubble should consider integrating / building as a feature.


I saved this article in my browser, but I still haven’t tested it (I’m still on my MVP, so I didn’t release my landpage so far)

Anyway, I hope it gives you some insights

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Thanks for the kind words!

We’re working on server side rendering, which should help with SEO performance, among other things. We’ll keep the community updated as we make progress (it’s a fairly big project).