WeLoveNoCode - Unfinished Project

Hi there WeLoveNoCode @kodjima33.

Please can you respond to me regarding the project you have not completed. You have blocked me on WhatsApp and you are not responding to my emails. I need an answer and I need the project completed as per your promises.

I await your earlierst response.

Why is this here? Bubble forum is not for showdown and guys from WLNC are pretty decent. I used their free templates and read their blog often

I have no other means to get in contact them, I have spoken to other reputable bubble developers, and they all agree that the work WLNC has done is incomplete and sub-standard. These other reputable bubble developers advised me to create a new topic on this forum to get in touch with them. Bubble support also told me the same, hence the message here. All I want is for my project to be completed. I do not want conflict, I want results.

Hello @AntonV,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your freelancer! We’ve pinged the user in question to contact you directly; once contact is established and confirmed, this thread will be closed as this is not an encouraged use of the Bubble forum.

I really appreciate that Eve! Apologies, this was the message I have received from the Bubble facebook page

I was very excited to have my first project done on Bubble, this experience left me heart broken :broken_heart:

Next time check date joinned before you get involved with any freelance.
Second observation @bigbeeme33 has the same magic number 33 as your freelance. And he is the only one complain about you posting your concerns here… stating they are pretty decent. Maybe they are… and he is the first one to reply to all your freelance posts. So you figure it out :grinning:


Thanks for flagging! We are very sorry to hear about this experience and will certainly assist in contacting the freelancer. For the time being, I am locking this thread from further responses, but please feel free to DM me here on the forums or reach out again to support@bubble.io where I’ll be able to grab the message. :slight_smile:

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Thanx @solinz I found their website first, and their work seemed to look legit and the video call I had with them seemed convincing, so I gave in, and yes… I also saw the magic ‘33’ number. Oh man :frowning: