Were bubble subdomains removed?

Did i miss something while i was gone? Are bubble’s public subdomain no longer a thing on the free plan?

Correct. The free plan no longer allows to go live, only the version-test.

But they didn’t make a more affordable tier for non-custom domain? lovely…

Well yeah, the personal plan starts at $25/mo annually or $29 monthly. So this would be the starter/affordable tier.

Yeah that isn’t really “affordable” but my point is that it existed before they removed the subdomains, so they only took away a functional tier, but didn’t introduce a $10 or $15/m for a non-custom but live domain, they just killed that tier. The free tier is nothing but a dev environment. It is not a free tier. This was a golden opportunity to introduce a paid tier between what was already hard to afford for most, and the free tier, with a real affordable tier but with the incentive of a custom domain for upgrading.

cc @josh

Bubble is aware they have some major problems with their pricing structure. An even bigger issue than the one you stated, having the free tier simply be a “development” tier, is that the “development” tier has functionality that is paywalled which prevents you from fully developing the app before you have to start paying.

Fortunately, there are some smart minds working on the pricing issues. Hopefully, they come up with a solution that continues to make the platform available and affordable to more users.

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