We're giving away Atomic Fusion Pro LIFETIME access

I’m excited to announce that Atomic Fusion v4 is launching just after UTC midnight today!

To celebrate that, we’re giving away lifetime Pro memberships to anyone who upgrades to Pro before midnight tonight. This is 100% legit.

In case you haven’t heard of Atomic Fusion, it’s a Chrome Extension + Platform that enables Bubble developers to upload anything they build on Bubble and share it with the community. That also means that you can simply reuse assets shared by community in your Bubble apps, making the Bubble UI development process super quick and easy :rocket:

A gist of what’s new on Atomic Fusion v4:

  1. Everything is now called an Asset :woman_factory_worker:- Assets are categorized by complexity - Pages, Block Components, and Elements.
  2. Updated layout 🪄- The Hub has been reinvented as the Explore page and you’ll find Assets organized by these categories (Pages, Block Components, and Elements).
  3. A brand new Extension :new:- The extension has been revamped as well. You’ll find your recent forks listed front and center on the extension for quick use alongside exploration on the Explore Page.

Overall, it’s going to be way easier to copy/paste UI assets between your Bubble Editor and the Atomic Fusion Chrome Extension.

Get a lifetime subscription by joining the community today!! :dancer:


Just purchased

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Glad to have you on board Ralph!!
You’re subscribed to Pro for life now :slight_smile:

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Time’s up and Atomic Fusion v4 is officially launched! And it’s free until Jan 1st!

So many new Bubblers joined the Atomic Fusion community yesterday! It was awesome :smiley:

@ankur1 over at the No Code Talks Newsletter has a special link on his latest issue that you can still use to pay for 1 year and get the lifetime Pro subscription - it’s valid until 5am UTC on Saturday, 15th Oct.

Can’t wait to have everyone in the community :slight_smile:

@atomicfusion I couldn’t find that special link you mentioned, could you please send it to me?