We're Hiring A CTO (Must be a Bubbler)

Hi all,

My startup SendPilot now has a team of 4 and we are in need of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to develop upon the already stable and released platform in line with our user’s feedback. I shall be stepping away from the Bubble side to focus on the business so will need someone competent to take over.

We are a social media automation company that uses machine learning to analyse blog posts for small businesses/bloggers and then our platform (built on Bubble) writes a 12 month social media campaign for them then schedules it with Buffer.

Buffer love us and we now feature on their website, and we are starting to grown and push marketing campaigns.

You will be hired on a part time hands on consultancy role (10-15 hours a week commitment) and offered 5% ownership in the company, unpaid.

We are UK based and you can check out the platform and site at www.sendpilot.co

If you are an experienced Bubbler and fairly technical please reach out for a Skype call by replying or DMing.


Interesting stuff. I’m currently working on a project that implements customer interaction analysis so perhaps it’s good to have a call as I currently have some spare time and see some possibilities :grinning: if you are interested. We can take it to DM if you want.



Not as technical as you @NigelG :sunglasses: