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WF stops if a bug happens

Hello, the question of the day : When there is a bug in one action of a workflow, why do the workflow stops completely ?

It’s rare but bugs not seen by the Issue Checker can remain hidden. I get that most actions are critical, but some are not and it’s pity user can’t continue (it gives also bad impression to the user i think). For instance, I already had bugs due to bad text’s links in an email body or a zapier trigger used for sending user data to a google sheet. Not really important these ones.

With the LOGS tab in the Professional plan, if a bug happens, could it be reported there with an alert in the Bubble Editor while the buggy workflow goes on anyway… or may an alert be displayed to the user “Something get wrong” with a CONTINUE button ?

It’s a design choice, we did this because very often, if an action fails, since the following actions rely on it, it leads to weird results. Ideally we shouldn’t have failures at all, and that’s what we’re working on. In the meantime, it’s seem safer to me to do this.

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Ok. I understand this choice. Thks for explaining.