What action is supposed to be used with the default Search Box?

The only one I can find is “When a SearchBox’s value has changed” but this workflow is triggered even when the user doesn’t select something from the search results that appear. If the user types in anything and then clicks outside the box, it will trigger the workflow.

I feel there should be an event that happens only when an option is chosen.


Hey there @wesfrank,

I believe that the action, “When a SearchBox’s value has changed” only triggers when a value is selected. Or at least that is the case for me.

So it’s triggering when a value ISN’T selected for me. Can you double check in your app to see if it triggers when a user doesn’t select any value (eg. clicks outside the search box before an option is chosen)?

In my use case, the searchbox toggles a change in the site URL. I’m typing a random value then clicking out and am not seeing any changes. The URL only changes when I select the value.

What is the action that you’re using to change the URL? I want to test on my end.

I’m using a “go to page” action with the data to send as the SearchBox’s value

Yup, then I have a parameter I’m not on my computer right now to see what it is exactly but it’s a parameter type text