What am I doing wrong? (API Signature

I’m having recurring trouble with signing API’s with a proper sha 256 encryption and hex encoding. I’ve posted the whole setup below, including gyft’s documentation. Any idea what the hell I’m failing at?

I’m not familiar with the plugins you are used and not with this API. But one thing I can tell you is that probably that your timestamp used in the hash and the one in the header are not the same because you are calling the current date and time at two different moment, so by default, they will be different and the API will not be able to match this header with the one from the signature. Normally, both need to be the same. Also, you are using a formatted has that include 2 decimals and I don’t think the expected timestamp have decimal in it. But it may not affect the signature because you are truncated it to 10, so probably before decimals.

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