What am I doing wrong here? API Stripe

Creating an external bank account, Create a bank account | Stripe API Reference

I have a parameter “external_account[0][object]” with “bank_account”

The Create Back Account endpoint can only accept a single External Account - not an array, as in your screenshot.

If you need to create multiple bank accounts, you’ll have to do it with separate calls.

In any case, just make sure the external account parameters in your call are for a single External Account.

But in stripe docs it says

external_accountobject | stringRequired

Either a token, like the ones returned by Stripe.js, or a dictionary containing a user’s bank account details

I thought I could do this with child parameters?

Yes, but you’re doing it as an array:

external_account[0][object] means you’re sending a parameter value for item #1 of an array of External Accounts… which is not correct - it should not be an array, only a single External Account.

Your parameters should be:

That worked great, thank you so much!

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