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What am I missing about agency pricing?

So, agency pricing is $78 USD per month per user to develop software for customers who will then go on to pay for the software.

Therefore, as an agency, you are paying Bubble to sell Bubble.

But wait, it gets better. You have limited development environments. It seems to match the number of licenses you have. So if you have two user licenses, you get two development environments on top of the standard development environment. If any of you have worked in a real software development team before, you’ll know why this is ridiculous.

Hang on and hold on to your seats, it gets even better. There is no reseller option; no affiliate program; no way to recover your costs except via project fees to your client. This means your client is paying for Bubble one way or another.

So Bubble is charging agencies to hide the subscription costs to the agencies’ customers while hamstringing the agency to develop quickly (see above about limited development environments.

Ah, but Bubble will send you work via the agencies page! So they charge you $78 USD a month per user for the opportunity to bid on work. This is a pay-to-play scheme. And, again, the end result is Bubble gains customers who are paying Bubble directly via subscription fees.

So, why not work around it and use shared login accounts? Well, then you lose auditing and change tracking.

I’ve contacted customer service twice, and same response: can’t do price breaks, no plans to revisit agency pricing.

Is this pricing model as hostile as it seems? Am I missing something? If you are about to respond with a sour grapes “stop complaining; just grow”, you do realize that accepting something that’s bad is how things stay bad, right?

How do other agencies view the pricing model?