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What are next big releases coming up on Bubble?

It’s been long time proper road map published on bubble. Waiting for decent native apps development enhancements something like buildX and Dropsource.

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Hi @iamharims,

Did you check Jasonelle’s free integration instead of the annual DropSource $999 license?

Advantages over other ‘wrappers’:

  • Compile once on Google Play and Apple Store
  • All changes made to Bubble are instantaneous for users
  • Free Open Source
  • or Build a complete native app (using Bubble as backend)

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

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In this case, I doubt the OP cares about Dropsource as a web wrapper. The folks that are really leveraging Dropsource are doing so by using Bubble as a backend only, and having Dropsource build out the UI.

Tutorials on how to use Jasonelle for something like this would be more comparable, and something I’d be interested in learning more about. I would never recommend wrapping a web app for anything more than fiddling around.

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I will always recommend wrapping a web application if it is done professionally :wink: