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What are "social networks" in the privacy rules tab?

Is there a new feature coming like logging in with multiple social networks? Does anyone have knowledge or ideas?



Anyone know? Guess if social auth is used, then linked fields like user’s social media page will show up in searched?

There’s mention of this in the Reference Manual for STRIPE. It says it should be enabled if you want to see STRIPE’s customer ID in your system, and that’s if you are using Bubble’s plugin for STRIPE. But I can’t yet see how you enable it or who should be able to see it.
I’m looking into this because I want a backend WF to update the customer when a STRIPE webhook fires. I think I have a timing issue … the Customer ID seems to arrive after the webhook tries to find the customer.

Im sorry your are going through this. Im also having privacy issues with no real developer documents on the subject. I hope you find something soon.

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