What are some possible reasons for the increased use of the Geolocation API?

From last week the use of Geolocation API has been increased much on my app.
However my app doesn’t have location feature like Maps.
If you know, please tell me what some possible reasons are for the increased use of the Geolocation API!!

In Bubble document, I found text below.

So I suspect that using “Current date/time” uses Geolocation API…
But, for example, “Schedule workflow” always uses “Current date/time”. If so, I would like to know how to use backend workflow without using Geolocation API…

Please help me!!!

Doing anything WRT “geographic addresses” calls Google’s geolocation API. Like, if you have an RG displaying 1000 geographic addresses and the cell is displaying this geographic address’s latitude, you just made 1000 calls to Google’s geolocation API.

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So, the first time you snag a geo location, just snag the values of all the fields and store in a Thing. You’ll save $.


Thx @keith for your kind & quick comment.
But, I can’t find anything WRT “geographic addresses” in my app…
Do you know if “current date/time” calls Google’s geolocation API??

If you’re not using maps, do you have google api keys in your bubble settings? I don’t see how you’d be charged if you aren’t using that. FYI, you can enter the value of 0 to get rid of the warning.

Backend workflows and any other workflows including current date/time has nothing to do with Google geo api.

No, current date time is just Date.now().

@lantzgould @keith
I got confused… anyway thx guys!

you can enter the value of 0 to get rid of the warning

Do you guys think may I remove API key even using own domain?
Actually I put the key because of this sentense in “Setting”, even not knowing the API is what for.


That’s optional. Enter 0 in both of you’re not using it. You don’t need your geo api keys in there if you don’t want to.

Thx! I will remove it and see what will happen on the use of Geolocation API…

@lantzgould @keith
After removing the key, Bubble told me as below…(sorry, It was not Geolocation API, was Geocode API).


I see aprox 1,600 calls/day.
So my app should have some features WRT location somehow and I should find them, right…

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