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What are the differences in shared/processing/hosting server specs for the non-enterprise plans?

I understand the differences between the personal, professional, and production plans as listed on the pricing page, however, I do not know the particular infrastructure specs (if there are any at all). Are there any differences between the environments beyond the total number of allowed workflow operations (e.g., shared vs virtual servers, greater allocation of resources, etc.)? Perhaps the concern is that if I am subscribed to a professional or production level instance, I wouldn’t want my production app to be impacted by a long-running process for another personal/test app running on a free or personal plan, if everything is being hosted on a shared server.

While I did in fact search for answers to this question, please do feel free to redirect me to another post if this question has already been answered.

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Hi @jlchapman,
If you want, I will create and open a private app on my pro account.
Your mission, if you accept :slight_smile: , is to benchmark and compare things.
Execution speed is very important for us (critical).
My feeling at this point is we are all at the same level of speed (same server). It will be good to have an idea of the real time execution speed stats at any moment of the day. We choose Bubble to not worry with those technical issues :wink:

For users that aren’t on our Enterprise Plan, the infrastructure is shared. We do make sure that one app is not going to take the whole system down of course. For more security, you can have a dedicated cluster, and then it’s enterprise level stuff.