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What are the limits for actions "only when" count?

Hi Bubblers,

I’ve been running some POC testing on some fairly large databases within bubble (up to 160k) and I’ve noticed an issue.

Everything works perfectly fine when displaying this amount of records in a repeating group - this was the first test and it in all honesty surprised me! I was really impressed.

However, I tried to run some automations on this data and discovered that if I set a condition that includes the count i.e. “only when [DATABASE FILTER] count is < [NUMBER]” the action fails. If I remove this condition then it passes. I have tried multiple ways to pass this VAR into the workflow but it fails every single time.

Clearly using the “count” function has a limit :disappointed_relieved: when being used in a workflow.

Does anybody have any idea what this limit is?

FYI, this isn’t a case of the server hitting capacity either. I have been constantly checking to ensure that isn’t the case. Unfortunately the error log itself doesn’t contain any useful information.

Interestingly after testing on postman I was able to get this calculation via the API without any issues.

So I created a test with the API Connector and although it’s painfully slow it seems to be working.

Do all counts break or only when the thing your counting is a really large number?

Personally (and I understand that this is subjective) I don’t feel that a database of 160k records is a huge number but it’s only when you run a count on the database that things break.

I’m now of the opinion that this is a bug and I’ll be filing a bug report later today. My API experiment worked so if I can extract the number consistently by creating an additional step without things breaking then performing the same action as a condition shouldn’t break things.

It makes zero sense that asking the workflows to do less work breaks the workflows.