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What are the solutions build on bubble as of Sep 2021


Does Bubble has any reference case studies with kind of UI built for banking domain, is there way to connect to any, who can share their views on building enterprise-grade web apps for a bank that has more than 2000+ branches. Another one we are evaluating is Outsystem, that seems to be already enterprise-grade and has mobile support and this product started way before the bubble in around 2001 or so.

Any recommendations and directions pl.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,
Code Doctor & C.T.O
[email protected]

Hey @nagendra.raja

Thanks for the post and great question! I’m afraid we don’t have any case studies that cover your usecase in particular, but you can certainly find some strong examples of apps built on Bubble here.

Given your usecase, it might be worth sending an email to [email protected] and our teak would be happy to talk through any questions you have or requirements you’d like to address with your app.

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