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What are the ways to make website visible on Google search?

Business ranking depends upon how well you practiced the SEO process. People often forget to do Website optimization and pay the price of ranking down their site. When you launch your website, you have to do SEO optimization for your website visibility. Visitors or customers would not show interest in your business unless they ranked first pages on Google search results. Hence, to rank your website higher, you need to hire an SEO company doing massive business by providing result-based services. When you see a big jump in your business performance, you can be certain it is SEO work that helps and boost the site’s performance.

I would first visit the Google Console and register your site with that. You can upload your sites sitemap.xml file which will also help with indexing pages etc and your site appearing when searched for. I don’t know a lot about all the SEO things but this will help.

This is a very helpful posting