What are your best backend workflows?

I’m new to backend workflows but can see how powerful they can be. I’m interested in hearing other people show off what workflows they most value or that they’re proud they thought of. Show us how you’ve used backend workflows to make your app more powerful and efficient!

I want a user to click a button and do a bunch of stuff without hanging up the user’s browser. Also to ensure all the steps run and the user doesn’t just force close out halfway through :blush:

Always, always have a ‘signup’ backend workflow. Even if you can’t think of anything to put in it just yet. But it should have anything that should be done when a user account is created (it will take a User parameter and maybe some other useful stuff). You will be able to use the same signup workflow to create accounts like normal, for admins to create an account for another user, etc etc.

Out of curiosity, what kinds of things “should be done” when a user account is created that shouldn’t be done with a regular workflow?

Personally, I have new user workflows that do things like send a welcome email and kick off a new user onboarding email campaign. Not sure if @georgecollier is referring to more data housekeeping stuff though?