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What characteristis make for a great developer?

Hi Bubblers,

I was searching the Internet for literature relating to the characteristics of a good developer and found this article:

I thought I’d share it as it included just 5 points:

  1. Remember that you represent your company.
  2. Make assurances, but not promises.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get technical, but understand your target audience.
  4. Overcommunicate.
  5. Be prepared for meetings.

Of these the two that for me would be really important are

  • Communication
  • Meetings

I was wondering if anyone who IS NOT a developer has ever found a developer that over communicates or even allows for meetings? From a PM point of view communication when received brings you up to date with whats going on and establishes trust and confidence that things are moving as planned. Additionally, having reliable communication enables a PM to enact other processes within a project in a timely or calculated manner. I think sometimes developer may not realize they are part of a bigger picture. Not communicating to an email, a delay, set back, can result in financial losses to the project that could have been prevented if there had been an established communication flow.

Online meetings - lately I’ve noticed a trend that some people don’t want to meet online. RED FLAG! If you do some digging it can lead you to find out the person saying who it is they are isn’t true. Particularly when money is involved. Others will meet you online but with video off? Meeting online is good as ideas can be put forward while establishing if a party understands what your trying to communicate. Especially if both parties use different languages.

What do you guys think?

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I can’t Imagine any job being done properly without communication. The idea is that both parties build the app together. One is responsible for setting the direction, and the other for execution. No developer can work without a direction if working for a client (Unless the client himself is clueless about what he wants to build). In my case, I make excessive use of video meetings, emails and occasional Whatsapp messaging for urgent matters. Can’t imagine a project being completed in time and turning out the way it’s supposed to be without all that communication. If a developer refuses to come to online meetings or is lazy with communication, that’d be a red flag for me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions and way you run your business. Communication can become even more burdensome if the developer does not want to have video chats because you find yourself burning time in email communication that gets nowhere and has many lines of text in different colors. Add on top of this different languages and it becomes painful. Even one sided if the other party just will not meet you half way!

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I totally agree with your points. The biggest issue with lack of communication is the time and cost wasted in Fixing what developer has built without an input/direction from the client. It’s like someone building a house for me without communicating with me on how I want my house to look, or the architectural plans. In the end things will need to be torn apart, and rebuilt according to my needs. Waste of time and money.