What conditional page widths do you use for reducing padding, font sizes, etc

I’ve seen people use 960, 640, 400, 320… what are the 2-3 page widths below 1280 that you would use to reduce font size, padding, row/column gaps, etc.

I’m also bit confused as to which is the optimal page widths to cater for desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. e.g. do you use <400 conditional to cater for all mobile resolutions.

There is no one size fits all answer…the answer lies in your design. However, Bubble caters for common sizes(‘breakpoints’) at 992, 762 and 320 px in your responsive editor. You could use those as a benchmark. However, for mobile, you might want to cater up to iPhone 13 size, which could go upwards of 400px.

Jordan Loh
Bubble Coach