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What determines a groups margin?

When I’m in the responsive viewer, some groups have a margin associated with them and some groups have no margin at all. What exactly determines a group’s margins?

AFAIK margins are simply how far you have placed a group away from a) the edge of the screen (left right top bottom) b) the edge of another group or c) in Responsive mode the collapse margins checkbox when screen is less than x pixels wide. It also depends on if the groups are stacked vertically by default at 100% width each or if you have placed groups side by side totaling up to 100% width.

Can you share a screenshot depicting your situation and what you imagine the correct behavior being?

Thanks for the explicit response! I’m trying to take advantage of your b) scenario.

In the responsive viewer, why do the elements in the “Group Service Date” start to overlap with the elements in the “Group View Booking” when you shrink the screen? They are both self-contained groups with distance between them, so I would expect them not to overlap.

EDIT: Nevermind, figured out what was wrong. This line from the user manual helped make things click for me; “Everything in a box moves together (for instance, overlapping elements are always in the same box).” My two groups were overlapping because the second group was sitting on top of a shape that extended underneath the first group.


Ahh makes sense! I’ve experienced that in the past when Responsive was a new feature :slight_smile: Thanks for posting your solution.