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What did you make during lockdown? πŸ‘€

While we were all in lockdown a lot of makers have been making incredible things. So I decided to make Lockdown Showcase :microbe: :eyes: to showcase all those products.

I myself have been working hard on my bubble site ( and I’m about to launch and really excited about that.

Post your own product or browse through other ones here:


Cool idea and congrats on your launch :+1:

Thanks @ambroisedlg! Looking forward to seeing what you make during lockdown :slight_smile:

oh, its cool!)

Hey @Chikiryau thanks :slight_smile:

What were you working on during lockdown?

I couldn’t get the pages to load on mobile.

Unfortunately no lockdown for me :unamused: had to work the regular 9 hr days but should have something to share soon (that I work on while burning the midnight candle :grinning:)

@mazorshimon I think you may need to check your DNS for your domains. Not working from here in New Zealand. :frowning:

I no longer pay for the domain, so here’s the link to MindfulStimulus and to LockdownShowcase. LockdownShowcase is having some issues with the list of products, so here’s the direct link to the airtable itself.