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What did you make during lockdown? 👀

While we were all in lockdown a lot of makers have been making incredible things. So I decided to make Lockdown Showcase :microbe: :eyes: to showcase all those products.

I myself have been working hard on my bubble site ( and I’m about to launch and really excited about that.

Post your own product or browse through other ones here:


Cool idea and congrats on your launch :+1:

Thanks @ambroisedlg! Looking forward to seeing what you make during lockdown :slight_smile:

oh, its cool!)

Hey @Chikiryau thanks :slight_smile:

What were you working on during lockdown?

I couldn’t get the pages to load on mobile.

Unfortunately no lockdown for me :unamused: had to work the regular 9 hr days but should have something to share soon (that I work on while burning the midnight candle :grinning:)

@mazorshimon I think you may need to check your DNS for your domains. Not working from here in New Zealand. :frowning: