What do Bubblers think of this normal App Agency's Fees?

This is interesting. I’m quite heavily involved in the Start Up world in Sydney, Australia and this article has been posted by an app agency who belongs to our closed Start Up Facebook group.

What do you think of this App Agency’s fees?

a). Do you think these fees can be transferred to Bubble apps and that they are justified no matter whether raw code or closed platform like Bubble.io - IF there is professional UI design, , visual design, architecture, and security with both options?

b). Or do you think the fees are very old-fashioned and exploitative and what they USED to be - before platforms like Bubble and Webflow? (And others coming up through the ranks).

c). Or do you think these fees are perfectly normal and acceptable - for raw code apps - but that for closed code apps like Bubble, agencies need to charge much less?

Be interesting to hear your feedback. Personally when I saw the ‘Simple’ row - no API connection for $21,000 AUD ($14,246 USD and 11,060 GBP), I was thinking ‘hell I need to charge more!’

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If I were to be paying those types of fees to a single developer, I would definitely expect raw code. I think if you are trying to judge what to charge when developing in bubble, you could take a look at what the other dev shops are charging for bubble built apps/mvps