What do you include in a scope of work for a freelance bubble developer?

I’m interviewing bubble developers for a company I’m building. It’s not 100% from scratch but I assume because I built about ½ of it pretty inefficiently, they’ll have to do a good amount of backend rework.

I’m curious if any of you have a list of things I should include while making a scope of work document. Or just generally things you make sure to include in a scope of work document when hiring a freelancer to make a full app. In particular, I’m looking to be as clear and communicative as I can because ideally, I’ll have an ongoing relationship with this developer as we grow our company. This is me both wanting to make sure I get a good product but also that I’m a good client and we have a fruitful relationship.

For example, I want to include 1) wiki/documentation of what/how they built major pages in the app, 2) a billing system for the app, 3) privacy and security should be included as they build, etc…

Thanks yall!

Good developers will tell you you should rebuild it from scratch then.

Beyond the obvious of what you want them to build, they need a timeline, payment terms if the deadline is not met, non-compete clause, possibly a clause to dictate that the IP of anything they create for your project is yours exclusively upon completion.

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