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What do you think about Bubble Books?


I decided to write three Manuals about Bubble, based on the level of the potential reader experience, so we will have the Bubble Manual to users of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level.

I will use LeanPub, which I consider one of the most interesting platforms for writing technology-related topics ebook.

I will write them in Italian and English, and those who want, can translate in its own language, and earn 70% of the sales of the translated manuals.

Unfortunately at present LeanPub provides an initial cost of $ 99 to start the publication of each book … so I ask people interested in read them to buy them now in alpha, that is just by knowing the index … the advantage is that the books will be surely written (I use other instruments if I cannot afford LeanPub) and will cost much more: today you will buy all three for € 5, and when published they cost € 12 each (or in bundle € 25) … the savings will be significant. …

Precisely for this reason this presale crowdfunding will be limited to the first 100 units sold, value that will allow me to publish and communicate the coupon with 100% discount to buyers as soon as the pre-sale will be completed (hopefully for the first days of January 2017) .

The site from which to join the initiative is www.codelessfuture.com16 (made with Bubble). Before I create my Stripe account I wanted to make sure the public interest.

What do you think?