What do you wish you could do in bubble that you can't right now?

Hey Everyone!

I am on a mission to create a suite of the most user friendly plugins for Bubble that actually work the way you expect them to.

So I wanted to ask the community: What do you wish you could do on Bubble that isn’t possible (or isn’t easy) at the moment?

Fire away! Excited to see what people say : ).


Good intiative @23cubed! I wish it was possible to create an easy to use Gantt-chart with drag and drop functionality, which allows for grouping, vertical and horizontal display. This can be useful for project planning, resource management etc.

Gerbert (MOG Consultancy)


I see many requests, and users looking for some sort of streamlined Augmented Reality ability. Considering at this point the overwelming popularity of such a tool, I am totally amazed that I cannot find even one plugin related to it.

Love this idea!

What sort of augmented reality are you thinking of? Like viewing a product in your space? Or like instagram filter type thing?

Create a multi-page pdf document without an API.


When you say this do you mean upload multiple files of a certain type and combine them into a multipage PDF?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. This would be creating a new pdf from scratch from within Bubble, ideally with some sort of WYSIWYG template maker/editor, also within Bubble.

It is actively being discussed here

I’d love a truly reliable and fast way (hard to get both!) to get sequential numbers for invoices when there are multiple users of an application. Basically what’s discussed in this thread: How to achieve Unique, Sequential Numbers Reliably?

Will be very helpful an IOT plugin

A plug-in that allows you to make api calls from the front end.
Or a plug-in that can convert JSON to a bubble object

Instagram Filter type thing! Would be great if we could take object created in Blender, like face masks, and place them on users faces. Social platform abilities like that would be wonderful here on bubble :slight_smile:

Love that

And last but not least, make a good cup of coffee.

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