What does "in style" mean in plugin properties?

I just noticed the “In style” checkbox in the property editor. It seems to appear for the non-dynamic properties.

I couldn’t find it mentioned in the reference or manual. Anyone know what it means? If I click it, does that mean it will be, like, totally “vogue”? :crazy_face:

Maybe custom style feature?

It means that this property will be included in the style definition for the element. So when a user installs it he/she can save these specific options as a style that can be reused.


Okay - I have three colors in a chart that are specified in a plugin


I have In Style checked for each

I have the pluging cab_plugin_chart showing up in the styles, but I do not see anyway to apply any atributes to that plugin,

How do I style my plugins three attributes in a style sheet?



It’s not for CSS, these show up in the element’s Bubble style.

Go look at the humble text element. See how it has a style dropdown? Go edit the style or look at the Styles tab in your app.

That’s the “style” we’re talking about here.

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It basically means that a user can save that property as a style. This way it can be reused

But how does it show up in the style editor for changing globablly?

Got it finally, it allowed me to save a style associated with those elements that had inspector editing turned on, color and font size, etc.