What field is identifier for a thing?

Annoyingly simple question haha - but what determines a default field for a thing?

For example, I have an event app, where registered people can indicate they are interested in an event:

This adds the “Current User” to a list of Users who are interested. This seems to be the user’s email address, but I don’t see what is defining the email as the unique identifier for a user. Why would it not be the “Current User’s Unique Id”?

Hi there, @drfalken… when you say it seems to be the user’s email address, do you mean on the App data tab? If so, what you see there is defined by clicking the Primary fields button (located toward the upper-left of the App data tab) and selecting a field as the primary for each data type.

Hope this helps.


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How…,obvious :sweat_smile:

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