What happened to the Bubble reference?

In the past there were two documents, the reference and the manual. Bubble made an announcement in the past that they were going to merge the two and deprecate the reference, but my recollection of the announcement was that the reference would still be accessible.

I had some links to the reference that no longer point there and instead just go to the new manual. The difficult part of the situation is the information in that reference was by far much more helpful and detailed than what can be found currently on the same subject in the Manual.

I am trying to find the same kind of details in the new manual related to how to setup your Bubble App API calls (how to setup calls to connect to a Bubble App API), included were details on what the limit and cursor parameters were, how to setup and format the constraints for GET calls, and the differences between POST, PUT and PATCH calls and how to reference the proper data entry. It also detailed how to setup the calls for a URL encoded format. It was one of the few areas that Bubble excelled in their documentation in regards to explaining how to use a feature rather than just what the feature is.

Without that detailed information I would have never been able to setup the calls properly, and it would be a real shame if Bubble were to omit that information from the new manual.

I’ve been in a four day back and forth with support who has not been able to help me locate the reference itself or the section in the new manual that details the same information.

Anybody know off hand how to access the reference? Or have a link to the section in the new manual that provides that detailed information?

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I don’t think it’s the thing you are exactly looking for but I had this open already :slight_smile: so FWIW …
I found this description of how to do it a little bit casual and you had to guess and assume a few details that should be very explicit in API documentation . IMHO

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Thanks @lindsay_knowcode

I appreciate the link. Not exactly what I was looking for but helpful information there.

After much back and forth I was provided a link that had a section to click with a link inside of that section that opened the relevant section of the new manual


Best section of the manual to understand how to setup calls to a Bubble Apps API.