What happens to data once i change domain?

I am running a live site named xyz.com from a few weeks and have multiple data on it. Now i want to change its name to abc.com. what will happen to my live data once i do so.

how can i shift my overall data to new name domain?

Once this happens, all private files, images, audio etc that have been uploaded to your system will break (the links no longer work, the files still exist). As long as you’ve been using a dynamic URL in places where you need the URL (in workflows, text, nav links etc) then that will not need to be updated (I store the custom domain in a DB table, you could just as easily use the “home URL” dynamic text option). Keep in mind this is my experience on a dedicated plan so who knows if that problem only pertains to those on a specific IP address. Essentially when I’ve changed domains all old files still link as xyz.com/fileupload/123.doc instead of auto-updating to abc.com/fileupload/123.doc – when inquiring to Bubble support, I was given great advice:

Create an API workflow that updates a file.

Here’s how I accomplished this:

Create an API workflow that updates a file based on doing a search for files based on unique ID :first item. You will then create a Step of “Make changes to thing” and that thing is the file you searched for based on UID. The change is to the filename with a find:replace function that searches for the old domain and replaces the filename portion with the new domain. Then, have an admin UI view in your app that allows you to click a button and schedule an API workflow on a list. The list you are looking for needs to be a search for ALL files in your system who’s filename CONTAINS https://xyz.com – this might take some time but you should be able to see all of our private files being renamed sequentially. As soon as the renaming process is complete your app will function as usual.

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So if i have uploaded data using old domain name it will still be there to use. for example my app has 200 registered users with 20 pics and few more info in data. So if i update domain name it will still be there.

It will be there to use, yes. I am saying that if you marked those files “Private” in Bubble within your upload workflows, you will want to rename those files or else they will not be accessible.

As such not done that as its a directory service but can you tell me how can i check that. Dont want to loose that data. :smiley: and thank you so much for helping.

I would first go into the database viewer in your app dashboard and search for the file types you’re worried about (the pics you mention, or if those are attached to users, look at the User table). If I am thinking correctly, the URL of those files will show “appforest” if public and “xyz.com/fileupload” if private. If no private files exist, you will not have any problems changing your domain name.

Thanks for the post. Let me correct one thing: the change is to the file URL not the filename :slight_smile:.