What happens to "non Index" links when an existing page/link is made Index?

So I’m not entirely sure how to title this question, but here is the situation:

Let’s say your site has the following structure:

  • Home Page (Index)
  • Page A
  • Page B
  • Page C

Pages A & B all have links to both the “Index” page as well as Page C.

You decide that temporarily you want Page C to be your new “Index” page but then want it to go back to being Page C when a new page is crowned “Index”.

What happens with the links that were pointing to Page C once Page C is made an Index page? Will those now also point to the “index” page or will they be pointing to a non-existant “Page C”?

I think you need to test it and report back :grinning:

If you’re using the go to workflow step then it’s fairly dynamic. So my working assumption is that every will just continue to work as it has

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