What information is in these Stripe API keys etc

Does all this guff in the settings bit of the Stripe Plugin contain information about what account in Stripe funds should go to and therefore that they can be transferred from later? I set this up ages ago and I’ve forgotten how I did it and what it all means and it’s fused my brain thinking about it.

The plug in looks like this;

I need to point the plug in to a new Stripe account now so I’m guessing I need to change these bonkers long code things. Is there an easy way to do this?

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These are the API keys for your Stripe account…

So if you’re asking if you need to change these if/when you change your Stripe account then yes, you do.

Cool. That’s what I need to know. Thank you!

Do I also need to change the Live and Dev Client IDs? If I do, where do I find these in Stripe? I’ve looked everywhere.

Yes you do… those are for Stripe Connect.

You’ll find those in your Stripe account under Settings>Connect at the bottom of the page (on both the test and live account pages).


Magic! Thank you. Got 'em!

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