What is Bubble Valuation?

This is the longest shot ever taken in this forum, by far. But maybe there is a big philanthropist reading this. If Bubble got to opportunity of being acquired, how much will be the selling price? @emmanuel / @josh

When I started using Bubble back in 2015, I remember both founders were really outspoken about not taking VC or investors’ money, because they wanted to keep control on achieving their mission. However, after their first funding round, voracity for increasing prices became the norm. Which is fine to some healthy extent, since we all want Bubble to grow and expand.

This led to my question, if money is the final objective now, then money must be the answer. How much money it will take for Bubble to change its path and go back to its roots of doing a greater good?

Hopefully, I will get a reply to this. Thanks for reading!


My professional (I’m an idiot though) evaluation right now is 1B

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Bold. But you’ll never get answered here. (Prove me wrong Josh or Emmanuel :heart:)

But you can actually get an answer! A private company like bubble which has multiple owners of stock can also sell that stock. So contacting an investor and trying to purchase stock would be the way you’d get an answer. Given 100M was a fraction of bubble I’d also agree that on the high end bubble is 1B, and on the low end 300M.

impossible to guess without knowing MMR and Server costs (negligible I’d imagine).

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$400-600 mil valuation would be my guess. You can also find some estimates about their cash flow online (dubious speculation), revenue at $40mil annually? Apps like Webflow ~$90 mil. Looks like a difficult market.


Just my own personal opinion here:

Bubble raising their prices isn’t related to taking on venture capital. If anything, raising money would allow them to reduce prices as they have funding to subsidise growth. Platforms like Uber a great example of this. It’s only once they finally reached mass market adoption that they started raising their prices.

Unlike Uber, Bubble has a long way to go for adoption in the market. No-code in general is still within early days.

I believe the change in pricing is due to Bubble genuinely want to create a sustainable business model. The more sustainable they are, the less they have to rely on VC funding - meaning the more control they’ll obtain over their own product.

Again, this is just my own opinion. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong.

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Do you think their new business model - will succeed in attracting new customers? small? big?

Which new customers will come in from next month?

Which projects will remain 18 months from now? 90% will rebuild the project on a other platform during this time and leave…

The trust of the customers has been so damaged that some customers have already left.

Fewer plugins, templates will go live - the platform will not be attractive anymore