What is index page function?

what is the function of index page? is it the first page that will appear in my app?

Hi there, @anuraulia1… yes, the index page is the landing page for your app. You can’t delete the index page, but you can set another page to be the index page, at which point the new page will be renamed to index, and the old index is renamed to something like old_index.

You can also bypass the index page as the landing page if you want. For example, if you have functionality where a user can stay logged in to your app, then you would put a step on the Page is loaded workflow for the index page to navigate to a different page when a user is already logged in.

Anyway, that’s probably more information than you wanted, but I hope it helps.



Hi @mikeloc,

Is it best practise to keep the blank index page which redirects to your actual home page with content?

I read somewhere that you should have a index.html page that is blank to help with security. But if it’s not needed, then ill just make my home page the index.

I don’t believe there is a security issue with using your index page (I may be wrong I’ve just never heard anything along those lines). This is the page that shows up as www.yourwebsite.com every other page looks like www.yourwebsite.com/page so the index page is a lot cleaner in terms of domains.

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Hi there, @AlexKehoe… maybe others can chime in on this one, but I’ve never come across anything that says you should keep your index page blank for security purposes. That being said, I’m sure someone could make a case for it, but again, I’ve never heard that it’s a prevalent practice.


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I’m thinking maybe in terms of bots there may be some way this helps? I’m not sure but for the normal human I don’t think having a blank index page provides any security.

Aw that’s fine then. Just read one blog post about it I think that said something about people being able to see folders of an index.html file that wasn’t blank. Thought I’d ask here and sounds like I probably misunderstood.

@lockymadera 's comment makes sense

Ill leave what was previously my Home page as the new Index in that case to save needing to do a redirect

Thanks all

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