What is my IP bubble?

Hello everyone, in my bubble application I am making a query to an external bank and everything is working perfectly. But my external bank needs to be closed and I must inform the IP bubble of my application so that it receives authorization to continue making the query. Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what to do? Whereas static IPs are only available on dedicated plans. Is there a general bubble IP that allows me to do this?

I hope that you found the answer to your question. I am facing the same problem, I need to give a static IP to authorize the connexion to an API. Do you have a solution ?
Thanks in advance

You have to be on a dedicated plan with Bubble to have a static IP. The IP of shared plans changes constantly.

A possible workaround would be setting up an AWS server with static IP to communicate with the bank, then sending that data to your Bubble app.

At this time only the enterprise plan allows for a static IP address.
You’ll have to contact Bubble for that

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Merci pour ta réponse. Cela me parait un peu disproportionné sur tout pour mon premier projet. J’ai contacté le support, affaire à suivre.
As-tu peut être une autre idée pour récupérer les données de mon flux xml ?
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