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What is the best DB structure in this case?

Hi guys!

I’m sharing the example page below to show what happens when i use this two types of data base structure.

In the horizontal example, we have all the data in just one line, like in any spreadsheet. In the vertical example, we have all the data saved in several lines.

Well, my case is this. Imagine that i need to evaluate some people using some attributes. For each attribute, i have its description and its valor. And now, imagine that i need to show this data using a radar chart or display it on a RG.

If i use the horizontal method, this become complex, because not all chart can display data using more then one series or values in differents collumns, just separeted by commas, like the plugin of radar chart used on this example.

And using this method, the display on RG become complex too, because i need to creat a lot of elementes to show each collumn from database.

In contrast, using the vertical method, even the radar chart from Bubble’s plugin can show the data, just using two expressions. And i can display all the data in a RG just using a simple expression and creating just some elementes to replicate on RG.

The real problem is that i need to evaluate a lot of people, like 200. Maybe, more then one time per year.

If i use the horizontal method, just to creat a low amount of lines on database, problems with the charts and RG would still continue.

If i use the vertical method, and have like 10 KPIs, evaluated 3 times by year, for 200 people, the database will received something like 6.000 lines.

What is the best method for this?

I appreciate any help or suggestions.


I would be storing the attributes in a sperate data type, then the attributes are added to the employee, with the date, valor, desc and obs. I would also populate some of those from option sets.