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What is the best page dimensions for PWA?


I want to create a mobile app only and publish it on AppStore and Google Play. I know that I need to use services like Jasonelle or Nativator to achieve this.

Could you suggest what is the best page dimension for mobile app? I found that iPhone 12 Pro has 428 px width. Is that enough?


Hello @Maciej

My preferred choice is iPhone6 :


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Width of 320px should be the best canvas for mobile applications

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320px!? Isn’t it too small? How does this app looks like on iPhone 12 Pro where canvas is 428px? There is 128 px missing.

This is where becoming a responsive designer 🥷 comes in handy.

Renshū wa kanpeki o tsukuru

Design at the small end and play with different widths with the responsive engine. See what settings you need to apply and where


320px will be the minimum width of the main page.
And “fixed-width” must be set to false for the main page.

Since the fixed-width is set to false, the page can expand and stretch up to 428px or more. You have to pay attention to the responsivene settings to achieve a mobile-friendly design.