What is the best way to clean out records in dev database - without maxing out on simple delete db records

So I decided to clean up one of my database tables and ticked the box to remove 1400 rows from a database table and while developing on a personal plan, and this action has maxed me out for 15 minutes.

Clearly Bubble does not like you to remove records from the database this way and has slowed down the account to a snails pace.

So my question is what is the best way to remove records from the database to avoid disruption on the account?

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Personal plan doesn’t give you a lot of power. I’d suggest using an API workflow on a list and setting the interval to longer between deleting records, say 10 seconds?

That should help space things out and hopefully prevent overload.

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Cheers! Will give that a try.

Wouldn’t that take almost 4 hours to delete those 1400 records?

Yeah didn’t think about that! That’s ok though, now I know I can plan for it.