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What is the best way to collapse a group at the top of a group when the repeating group beneath it is scrolled up? (Native App)

I’ve looked around the forum and have seen references to making a groups height collapse but I haven’t been able to figure it out the workflow for it. I’m sure there may be a different (more fluid) way to do this. I’m still a noob…


I have a group “my profile page” - at the top of that group I have my “user profile group” that contains specific user information.

Underneath “user profile group” I have a repeating group “user posts” that displays this users posts.

Am I able to expand the “user posts” repeating group and hide the “user profile group” as the user scrolls up on “user posts” ?

So as the user scrolls up on the video, collapse the top user profile group and expand the height of the user posts repeating group.