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What is the best way to get the result of IRR() in Bubble?

Besides Blockspring, what is the best way to get the result of a internal rate of return function IRR() in Bubble? Or other Excel/Google sheet functions like PPMT() and IPMT()?

Thanks for help in advance.

With the API Connector, you can leverage any third party API that does this. There’s nothing natively in Bubble that does it, so I’d probably start by finding a reliable external API to hook up to.

Maybe that’s something we could add as a formula, what are the inputs (in a bubble sense) and the forumula?

Thanks for the replies.

IRR() is usually calculated via a brute-force iterative process based on a series of regular cashflows.

From Excel Help - “Microsoft Excel uses an iterative technique for calculating IRR. Starting with guess, IRR cycles through the calculation until the result is accurate within 0.00001 percent. If IRR can’t find a result that works after 20 tries, the #NUM! error value is returned.”

There are a lot of Excel functions that are very useful and powerful and well-understood in terms of their usage (entrenched Office user base globally ) and I just found out Excel is now offered as an API, but it seems fairly involved in terms of coding to plug in.

If Bubble could implement a simple free plugin (as opposed to Zapier @ $20/month to start) to directly access all of Excel’s mathematical and financial functions, it would greatly enhance the functionality of Bubble on a standalone basis for the community.

I’m not sure how technically difficult this is, so it’s just a suggestion.


I guess this could be interesting?

Don’t really know how to use Javascript. Thanks anyway.

I wasn’t suggesting you to use this directly, I was suggesting that maybe we could add this to our formula library. How important is this for your app?


Ok thanks. Depending on the functions available in the finance.js package, it may allow folks like me to directly make more complicated calculations based on user input within Bubble.

In general the more functionalities available within Bubble, the more powerful the tool can be for everyone.

Thanks for your help and in creating Bubble. I’m very impressed with what’s possible with the platform (even w/o the math/finance functions).

Hi, coming in late on this conversation but I’m trying to get IPMT calculations into bubble as well. I’ve seen the PMT feature in calculations and attempted it on mathjs but can’t seem to get that to work.

The financejs seems it would do it but unsure how (if) it can be connected via GitHub or similar.

A work college put me onto Bubble and so far it’s great but stuck on this one.

Hi - Just continuing on the above discussion. I understand that getting PMT or IRR type functions require an external functionality. Wanted to ask if the following is possible (given that there are no calculation options for financial calculators in math’js plugin (which seems to be the goto plugin for calculations)

  1. Writing custom JS inside Bubble itself to manipulate the variables?
  2. Or getting financejs as a plugin? I couldnt see any API on their website so I dont know if thats possible?
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hello! I also faced the need to calculate the IRR inside the bubble. Are there any variants?