📒 What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble?

This is very cool! You make an interesting point about how the native “Bubble way” is arguably better since it’s not exhausting capacity on server side data processing AND because it’s effectively the same speed. So I’m super curious what your exact setup for a “Bubble Way” cart is. I hunted for your editor url but from the looks of your video it doesn’t appear public…poked through your demo video starting from here up to here but my eye didn’t catch it in their either. Can you share what that setup is (Our point me to the link I may have glanced over)?

I’m really curious to see this native way, because since you pointed out that we can output lists with duplicates in them I actually implemented a client side cart that does exactly that. It’s neat because it stores the cart as a cookie and I can do any calculation or fancy volume pricing stuff… but it’s a bit of hack stitching it together with Bubble… requiring a workflow that runs every 0.2 seconds to input the current date into the plugin so as to fetch the current cookie values (because visual elements only update if a field’s value changes… but it can’t sense when a cookie’s value changes).

But in general, I’m always open to better ways of doing things.

Thanks for all of your input! And the cool plugin update!