What is the best way to send notification to all user?

hi there, i trying to make send notification to all user.
so i have the admin page, and when the admin is create a new calendar academic and submit i want it to send notification on the date where the new academic calendar date is start, and send notification to tell the end of the academic calendar.

i’ve been try with backend workflow and scheduling list workflow.

how can i send notif to all user?

  • i have to try to add data field user (list) in my database. but it will make a big gap space in the database row because accomodate all user. i won’t that.

how is the best way if i have 100+ user?

thank you in advancwe

Create a workflow and iterate through the list of users. You don’t want them all to go out simultaneously. In programming it’s called a loop, I’m pretty new to bubble, but this video seems to explain it pretty well from a no-code perspective.

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You have to create a recursive api workflow.
You essentially need an api workflow that creates a notification for the user you give it, then it has to call itself again with the next user.

Here is an example I use in my project, where I’m passing through an index (1, 2, 3, 4…) and process stuff for User#(1, 2, 3, 4…) in the database. Repeating the same process until I run out of users to process.

Just be aware that this process is slow! Hundreds of users will take considerable time…

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If the message to all users is the same, there is no need to create a message for every user. Just don’t assign these general messages to a specific user.

  1. Add a message_read field of type “notification for user” to the user data type.
  2. Create a workflow that when a user opens a message, the message gets added to the message_read field.
  3. Next, in order to show a user that he or she has a new general message, give the user some kind of indication there is a new message, f.i. an icon that changes color


For performance reasons just make sure to run a workflow to delete old messages.

@nick27 @chiprana @gerbertdelangen sorry for late reply, thank you guys for the solution. after my trial and error with recursive workflow i got the formula for my schedule date.

thanks in advance. very helpful.

@chiprana one more question, in my database look like this,

should i change it to list? cause if i have a 100+ user my database will be to much coloumn like this.

This seems okay to me. Each notification should be a separate record in the database. You can have millions of records in a database table, do not worry about that, that is exactly what they are made for.

oh okay thank you, i just worried about the perfomance when it goes live.

thank’s a lot @chiprana.

Hi K, performance is definitely something to keep in mind when developing apps on Bubble. Bad design can severly impact performance. Petter Amilie has a very good guide about it.

With a bit of common sense you can go a long way. So creating and saving a lot of records just because it its possible is not very smart. Plan ahead, when desiging and building your app, make sure to limit the nr of records where possible and keep an eye on performance.

Don’t forget that Bubble is still has to publish their new pricing structure. In their community update they mention it will be based on capacity, build with this in mind. Saving, retrieving and/or searching through a lot of records probably uses more capacity then performing these actions on a small about of records.

Noted!! thank for the advice.
im quite new on bubble so this is will be my concern too. i’ll re-check my apps and make sure to use just what it need in the database or workflow to make prefomance well.

thank you a lot @gerbertdelangen.

@chiprana @gerbertdelangen sorry for asking again,
how if i send notification to particular user? should i create the new one (with different message). im trying and don’t know how to send it to particular user, i use do a search for but isn’t working.

so the idea is when user create project then submit project, i want the department who have a job to review the project get the notification.

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