What is the best way to transfer across a page?

Hi, first time making my own app here. Just realised that the “index” page meant to be the “home” page when I went live and the domain just went blank. I needed to search for “domain name/home” to get to my homepage. So how do I transfer across my “home” page into the “index” without messing up the workflow and formatting?

Hi there, @chefheroes27… if I understand your post correctly, you are trying to change your home page to be the index page, right? If that is the case, right-click anywhere on the home page (i.e., somewhere on the actual page… not on any of the elements on the page), and you will see an option in the right-click menu to make the page the new index.

Hope this helps.


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amazing! it worked! thank you so much!!

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