What is the best way to update the database in a web app like instagram?

Basically I have website like instagram, with the only exeption is that users dont upload the content. I do. Users can like a pic, so the like count goes up.

I want to upload more pictures to the database. However, I don’t want to overwrite the live database bc that will overwrite the current vote count (which is a field of the picture object thing).

Any thoughts on how to best update the live database w/o having to overwrite everything?

Add a new row for each item so nothing gets overridden?

Right but that means I have to work off the live database which I dont want to do. What I would like to do is to only copy some of the rows from the dev database into the live database. However, bubble only allows me to copy n paste the entire table.

Can you download what you need from the dev database as CSV, then import that CSV file on live?

You could also add them directly to live and simply add a field for isDisplayed and set it to yes for the ones you want displayed and no for the ones you don’t yet want displayed.

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