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What Is The Bubble Arrow Plugin? Is It Bubble?

What is the automated Arrow/user guide through the Bubble Lessons on the Bubble Lessons web page?

Is this something that can be replicated in our own applications to serve as an “onboarding process”?

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No it’s not a plugin, but hard coded. It’s very linked to our editor code so not really something ready to use for other stuff.

How do we emulate this feature in Bubble (without hard coding it)? I use popups but they must appear in the middle of the page, I tried floating groups, but then anything else can still be clicked. Please advise…


@darylgibson This is just a thought, but if you wanted to walk users through an “automated” sequence without really allowing them to go wandering on their own, I’d try the following:

  • Have a shape with 0% opacity over the entire page to prevent clicking anything

  • Use droppable groups to “move” elements like icons/arrows around the page off the “move droppable group” action [drag/drop element]. You could have next buttons on top of the shape of course that trigger the next move.

  • Any simulation of interacting with the app can be on top of the shape purely for demonstration. Maybe you have inputs for the user to try something, and you can simulate the result with real workflows or even have them start saving information in the order you want this way.

Of course this might not be as straight-forward for some scenarios, but could be something to work with!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


I agree that this or another plugin would be great for user on-boarding.


Easy workaround…great advice, Gaby! (As usual)

Thank you.