What is the meaning of "This CustomDefinition"?

This question is about semantics more than it is about the functioning of Bubble.

I have a reusable element that carries a bunch of workflows. In defining actions within workflows, the dropdown for selecting items for action frequently has This CustomDefinition as a choice. It also has the name of the reusable element.



It appears that they are synonymous. Are they truly synonymous or is there a fine distinction between them?


Did you get an answer to this?

No answer.

It is the ‘thing’ that you set in the workflow event. I don’t have a great definition to make it clearer as I am too a bit vague on when it is available.

I believe I normally see it on custom workflow events, as well as back end workflows.

I’ve used it in the past to set up a R.G. for page load purposes.

In the custom event “type of thing” I chose number…that is the “thing” in the workflow event, which then on will be referenced using “this custom definition”

Below is the custom workflow event “Run 1” and Type of thing is number

Below is the Trigger for the custom workflow event “run 1” and I set the workflow thing to 1…I believe if you were to use a data type for your custom workflow type of thing, it is in the trigger workflow thing you could do a search for the specific data you want to use…maybe even a option from an option set too, I am not sure as I haven’t explored the functionality too much.

Then after I set all those things I set in the custom workflow event different actions that use the “this customdefintion” as the data source basically. It is used in my element ID or class area ‘currentworkflow number’

I have no idea what the reAction is all about. Is there nothing in the manual or reference?