What is the most commercially successful Bubble web app?

Hi, does anyone know what are most commercially successful bubble.is web apps out there?

Just trying to get a feel of how bubble.is can scale in terms of the database. At which point would there be a need to move development in-house? 10k, 100k, 1m users?

If anyone knows, please share. Thanks in advance.


I would have thought velocity would be more constraining that volume.

1m users signing up in a day … that could be interesting.

But organic growth to 1m over a year ortwo, with dedicated servers and no doubt a lot of interest from the Bubble team …

It would be a brave person that throws away something that is clearly working for an imagined benefit of an “in house” bespoke development.

I don’t have a lot of users, but I have quite a bit of data on my largest app. We have hit a couple of issues at 10k records scale, like don’t ask it to instantly pull out the unique values from a particular field to put into a Dropdown. But that is fairly easy to work around.

The csv data upload side is the thing that has been the trickiest - but that is pretty niche, we are extracting data using import.io and then uploading a csv. Not sure I would want to do 100k uploads that way, but there are alternatives and the Bubble team have always been helpful as we have scaled. We might hit 100k records at some point, but I don’t see any particular problem there.


Thanks - just wanted to get a sense of how far Bubble can go …

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10k records is not too much for a database. With this new improvement changing to Postgres are you having performance issues?

I also would love to know what are the big cases of success of Bubble, not necessarily by name but by numbers would already be fine. We can see some apps on the gallery, but that seems to be outdated.

In my opinion and from what I read, Bubble can handle pretty well as the app grows. But in case I had some problem I would first start to work on a back end with webservice and database, still using Bubble as front-end for an easy transition. I really hope to get there but I hope I still can stay with Bubble.

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We’re at about 200 users, and they’re decently active. Our goal was to get to 500 paying users, netting us $1k a month each (there are 2 of us) after expenses and royalties to our partner. We’ve not heard of any issues from our users, which is important as they’re teachers and tend to think the whole world has exploded if something doesn’t work or takes too long to load :slight_smile:

We’re pretty happy and want to ride on Bubble as long as we can.


No, none at all in the app. It is very quick.

The only issue we had was the “list me all the unique values” of a field for use in a dropdown.

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We can’t too much publicy about our largest customer, but in short, it’s a fintech player in the commercial finance space (who’s selling loans to individuals). The whole process for consumers to apply for the loan, get approved, etc happens via the app, and investors are on the other side of the network and can monitor performance via the app as well. They’re growing pretty quickly, raised money in tens of millions.

They’ve definitely pushed the limits of Bubble, both in terms of features and a scalability, and the whole Community is benefiting a lot from them :slight_smile:


That is fantastic to hear. Good to know there are some big fish in the Bubble pond!

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Not necessarily talking about this client, but in numbers, how are the biggest bubblers in workflows and users? Just an approximate number is fine :slight_smile:

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how Bubble has scaled. Code-Free Startup has a few thousand students accessing video content daily and Bubble hasn’t slowed down a bit. The only difficulty I’ve had is the Data Tab (slow to grab 1000+ records) but I’d much rather have the slowdown on the backend than for students.


The highest we’ve seen so far is about 500k workflow runs, sometime quite complex. Since we only track server side runs, this is lower than the number of interactions with the site.


It would be interesting to see this customer release an API on bubble that allows other Bubbler’s to create lending portals that capitalize on their infrastructure and provide them with wider distribution. Just a thought.

How can we charge for apps? Fees? Percentages? How can the creators monetize the apps they make?

Thanks for sharing this! Can you update? As we talk with investors, we want to be able to share as much about Bubble’s capabilities as possible.


There are few more apps that started getting some traction this year.

Among others, ImpuestoCorrecto.com just got admitted in YCombinator, another app (not sure I can share the name yet) now has more than 50k page views per day (with some days at 500k!), and runs more than 1.5m workflow runs every month (and these two apps aren’t on dedicated)


Awesome :v:t3:

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Just to further validate Bubble, I’ll share a bit of what we’ve accomplished lately with Qoins: (I’ve been pretty much a ghost on the forum for the last 6 months, as I’ve had to 100% focus on our business.)

Bubble has been great for us! It’s scaling with us as we grow and we’re excited for the future with it!


Congrats! I heard Qoins on a podcast the other day, I can’t remember which one. Is the iOS/Android app built with Bubble? If so, what wrapper are you using? If not, what solution did you use?

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We are still here, working away, and nodding as we say to each other "hey, we knew Nate when he was just a regular guy :slight_smile:

Great that things are going well for Qoins :star_struck: and a great example of what is possible with Bubble.