What is the process to professional feature releases in bubble?

Dear Bubble Community

I have been building on bubble for A few years now. I came from a completely novice background with no development experience whatsoever.

I have learnt a lot along the way, but one thing I do not understand which I am hoping to get some advice on is how to manage different release versions of software?

The bubble community is extreamly rich in knowledge and expertise from a code perspective it seems, and I am wondering if people know what is the industry standard for managing software releases or is there a standard way of doing it professionally and correctly?

I am starting to find myself working on a feature, and then a client asks for another feature which I begin to work on, so I then have two features on the go. Then I’m finding that someone else contacted me and they found a bug in my app, So what has been happening is, I pushed a fixed to the bug live, but then all the other features that I was working on got pushed live also, and I ended up in a little bit of a mess and a broken system.

My question is, How do professionals approach this kind of thing and how is it done in bubble can anyone share any advice on how I should professionally deal with this process and manage different features and releases safely.

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Tim Garrett

I think to some extent this is a personal preference, but there are definitely strategic ways of thinking about it.

I try to release new feature sets in batches that make sense with the planned work on a project. If I know there are two new features I’m working on at the same time, I’ll release them together. Separately, if there are bug reports, I’ll try to release fixes to those as soon as I can, depending on how critical or urgent the bugs are.

If they can wait until I’m done with my two new features, I’ll do it all at the same time. But if users were getting access to data they shouldn’t, I’d fix that immediately. The key with a fix like this one is that if you’re working on other features or sections of the project at the same time, then you should try to hide those changes when you push the bug fix live (maybe you just make all the key elements invisible or disable certain workflows), so the new partially-complete features aren’t actually live to users yet.

A feature that Bubble recently released that helps greatly with this is having multiple versions (or branches, or workspaces): [New Feature] Multiple versions. With this, you can jump into a new version to fix a bug, while keeping your other, unfinished work separate.

In general, you should use your intuition to see what makes sense when balancing timelines and criticality in your project.


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Everything said above is great. Now, if you want more of a practical how-to, take a look at managing versions by understanding git concepts:


Applying that on Bubble either via multiple branches or by hiding stuff and disabling workflows is up to you.

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Thank you gents! Really has helped me. I have looked a little deeper and think I’ll start to set up an internal process and upgrade to higher plan to take advantage of the muliti version feature. This should really sort me out for now.

@kevin12 And @vini_brito Thanks very much!

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