What is this error?

I’m seeing this error in the logs. Anyone know what it means?

Workflow error - getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

This seems not off track: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40182121/error-getaddrinfo-eai-again

Thanks Keith. So it’s a DNS error related to Nodejs. Hopefully it was just a temporary issue.

Perhaps. There’s at least one other Q in the forum right now that seems to be about DNS resolution… It’s always impossible to tell at the outset if there’s a problem with Bubble or just the Interweb under attack / being flaky / etc. (What I like to call, “Welcome to the Interweb!” issues.)

FWIW, my app seems to be running surprisingly fast at the moment.

As for various non-critical console warnings and errors, I had asked about some odd error recently and emmanual noted that it was just a Bubble dev team debug thing. The problem is, there’s actually rather a lot of that cruft in Bubble and, if you’re trying to debug YOUR OWN javascript and whatnot, this can actually cause problems with one’s own debugging.

For example, at some point Chrome will just say “look, we logged these X errors, we’re not logging any more.” But if those aren’t YOUR errors, you’re kind of in a pickle. (This happens to me on occasion.)

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